Oil to Gas Conversion CT

As gas systems become more common in homes, oil as a power source for your home’s heat has grown more expensive. By switching to gas-powered heating, you may have the initial cost of installation but over time you are looking at a more modern and maintainable experience.

First thing you will have to do is call your local gas company to see if gas is available on your street.  Second, you will need to find out if the gas lines are connected to your home.  If the answer is no then tell the company you are switching over to gas and need to them run the gas line to your home.  They usually won’t charge you for this if you will be their customer.  The cost will be primarily for piping or changing parts on your boiler to accommodate for gas.

Keep in mind, this process will take a little time so if you are thinking of switching over to gas plan accordingly.

We provide professional Oil to Gas Conversion in the entire state of Connecticut. Whether you have to repair a boiler or you need to convert oil to gas, our licensed HVAC technicians will complete the job.

Benefits Of Using CT Pro Contractors:

We have already done the research on the HVAC contractors in the field.  We only partner up with trusted contractors who actually show and perform the work that they are getting paid for and also that provide great customer service. We made it simple for you.  Just pick up the phone and tell us what you need help with.


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