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Painting your business office, warehouse, or factory can be vital to the safety and company culture you are aiming to achieve. With our full-service painting services, both interior and exterior, we can handle any job from prime to finish. Don’t let your business stay in the 90s without style colors and designs, and give it a fresh coat that will brighten everyone’s day who stops by to visit!

In some instances regarding factories and warehouses, properly colored paint is required in hazardous working conditions. Do not let your company become the target of a lawsuit, or put your employees in harm’s way. We can consult with you to ensure that you are providing the safest workspace possible for employees and customers alike!

We provide professional Commercial Painting services in the entire state of Connecticut. Whether you have to paint a small section of your building or you need to paint your entire building, our skilled Commercial Painters can handle it.  Listed below are some of the Commercial Painting Services we offer:

Benefits Of Using CT Pro Contractors:

We have already done the research on the Painting contractors in the field.  We only partner up with trusted contractors who actually show and perform the work that they are getting paid for and that also provide great customer service. We made it simple for you.  Just pick up the phone and tell us what you need help with.


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