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We created the company based on our own experience. For years, we sought out to find creditable contractors. We tried searching on the internet or through referrals from our friends but with little success.

It became challenging to find one that would produce a quality job. While losing thousands of dollars because a permit was never pulled that resulted in a work stoppage or a contractor running away with $3,500.00 for an insulation job.

Therefore, we had our own share of bad contractors, and I am sure you can relate; this is why we started CT Pro Contractors.

At CT Pro Contractors, our goal was to find top-rated contractors in the State of Connecticut and vetted each one of them through a strict background procedure. We ensured that they had experience, all the legal documents from insurances, and the licenses needed to work in the State of Connecticut.

We then partnered with the best contractors to make sure we deliver affordable and quality work you deserve from a reliable licensed professional and give you the peace of mind when choosing your next contractor.


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Residential & Commercial Contractor Services Throughout Connecticut

Let us help with your Residential or Commercial Contractor projects in CT.

Our Contractors are licensed and insured and have many years of experience. We are more than happy to discuss your projects and provide the best solutions possible. We use the highest quality materials in our projects, so you know our work will last.



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Our skilled Contractors are ready to handle your project anywhere in Connecticut. From maintenance to small repairs to new design and installation…we can handle it all.


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